HP Inc. in Malaysia has introduced a limited period-free remote helpdesk support service to help HP small and medium businesses (SMBs) users and consumers adapt to their new work from home requirements and help address their operational issues.

In the absence of regular support and service channels, HP is making this service available to consumer and commercial HP PC users to ensure SMBs and individuals can stay connected and maintain business continuity as they keep working, keep learning and keep going from home.

In the current landscape, millions of SMB owners, staff and consumers now need to work from home. They often face IT related challenges that can be addressed through remote support from trusted business partners like HP Inc.

This limited remote helpdesk service will be available for all HP PC consumers, SMB and enterprise users free of charge only from May 27 to June 26. Users are required to register here for the limited free 24/7 remote helpdesk support, following which a toll-free hotline number will be sent via email to enable access.

The helpdesk will be able to address user PC issues related to general performance, security configuration, connectivity, operating system, media support, mobility, software operation, and installation, among others.

“Now more than ever, businesses and consumers rely on trusted technology providers like HP to provide secure products and services to help them stay connected as they keep working, keep learning and keep going every day.

“As industry leaders, it is our responsibility in challenging times to go beyond traditional corporate boundaries and help our users as they adapt to this new normal.

“This 24/7 helpdesk and our customer service support will deliver on the technology needs of HP customers in Malaysia as they strive to work from home without interruption,” said Fayza Mohamed Amin, Malaysia Managing Director, HP Inc.