About Us

HR Hub is Malaysia’s one-stop and widest platform for skills and training where members of the public can list and engage vice-versa while creating a marketplace for the HR industry. This portal also aims at crafting a mutually beneficial platform for trainers and strategic partners while making available a diverse list of skill sets to benefit its end users, be they individuals or organizations.

HR Hub is also an available platform for all members of the public to stay updated on relevant and fresh HR industry related news.

At HR Hub, we aim to create a high value – high impact advantage, and a scrutinized target delivery for the platform’s advertisers whilst maintaining a value-added proposition to assist clients with a feasible ROI, in line with the cost proposed.

The HR Hub’s Vision & Mission

  • To be Malaysia’s ‘the go-to’ number one HR portal
  • An opportunity to diversify the income of public members based on their skillset
  • A platform for all Malaysians to advertise and list regardless of the formality of their training
  • A platform where people can search and engage trainers of their choice based on the training
  • To create an interactive platform for the human resource industry players to discuss and address topics/issues faced or at hand
  • To support the Malaysian HR industry and its participants/components in their events/advertising and public relations
  • To work with all government and non-governmental agencies for the benefit of the public and the interest of the its components
  • To monitor key areas of development within the industries and to gather data