The INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP FORUM – Hosted by Performance Development Consultants Sdn Bhd and CELEMI on the 11th June 10, 2019 to 12th June 10, 2019 at the Majestic Hotel of Kuala Lumpur. Performance Development Consultants Sdn Bhd, selected by CELEMI to spearhead its business arm in Asia and as a main partner to reach suitable potential market here in Malaysia. The forum – inaugurated by The Ambassador of Sweden to Malaysia, H.E Dag Juhlin Dannfelt, aimed at identifying and tackling
current struggles faced by companies in the Malaysian business landscape. The forum sees to collaborate ideas between the top management of various organizations covering aspects of leadership to nurturing and instilling values in support of an incline in productivity and challenges in organizations. The Innovative Leadership Forum 2019 also serves as an exchange platform – for ideas based on the experience of its participants to pin point key targets of interest .Participants are also able to experience first- hand the exciting and impactful gamification tools having learning takeaways about business strategy, acumen, capacity utilization and maximization and leadership transformation among others.

The agenda for the forum included presentations by Chief Executive Officer of Performance Development Consultants Sdn Bhd, Azman Shah Dato’ Aziz, President of CELEMI APAC, Olla Kallqvist and Dato’ Faris Yahaya – Group Chief Executive Officer of ORANGEBEAM Berhad. The Forum also dissected a survey on Global Leadership by CELEMI. Amongst key points identified and discussed were Digitization in business processes and the importance of technology. The study also addresses the struggles organizations face in developing the next generation of leaders and the failure to attract and retain talents, both locally and globally. Participants were then engaged in a brain storming session in groups, where they would asses a given situation and how it affects their organization. The session – an open discussion between the various leaders of organizations worked to create an agile and proactive environment towards Digital Transformation.
The C-suite participants from various organizations include Malakoff Corporation Berhad, Kongsberg Maritime Malaysia, Clinical Research Malaysia , Shell Malaysia and ABB.

On behalf of the organizers, Mr.Azman Shah Dato’ Aziz hopes that through this forum, local organizations can now be exposed to current global business challenges and share leadership strategies on how to cater to these challenges especially in the age of Digital Transformation – to see what works for an organization and its effect to an organizations growth and its impact in its HR. He also stresses on the importance of an organization with an Agile learning workforce – which will lead to a productive organization as a whole and its ability to embrace technologies to fulfill its customer needs thus, enabling its workforce to be relevant in today’s business environment. Organizations need to be outward looking and always ready to apply latest tools and knowledge for improvements which will in turn affect the bottom line.