A panel of experts has been convened to come up with ways for human resources (HR) professionals to use more technology as they help workers and businesses transform.

The HR Industry Transformation Advisory Panel will also make recommendations on how to further develop the HR services sector here, Minister of State for Manpower Zaqy Mohamad announced on Wednesday (May 8).

HR services refers to consultancies, training providers and technology firms, which can boost the effectiveness and capacity of firms’ in-house HR professionals, Mr Zaqy said at the start of the two-day HR Festival Asia conference at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre.

HR can go beyond payroll processing and putting up job posts, he said, adding: “In particular, HR tech solutions can minimise many of these transactional HR tasks, and free up your bandwidth as HR professionals to do more high touch, strategic work. This includes engaging employees to better understand their needs, concerns and aspirations, and building a strong organisational culture that supports change.” – THE STRAITS TIMES SG