Laiye, the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform provider in Asia, and RAAS PAL, a robotics and AIoT solution provider in Thailand, announced the partnership to provide the industry-wide high-quality automation services in Thailand.

Laiye initially delivered some significant projects including Automated Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) and built the Virtual Office to drive brand engagement and boost RAAS PAL’s productivity.

Technology is completely changing the way we work. In the newly completed projects, Laiye not only automated parts of RAAS PAL’s online recruitment processes but also delivered a virtual office solution that includes many robot employees performing different tasks, like Human Resources Outsourcing, Financial Services Outsourcing, etc.

Laiye aims to drive the promise of the fully automated enterprise for the most strategic companies.

“This first step in the adoption of RPA in our group processes has been extremely meaningful for us. We particularly liked the fact that we could start from small to scale. Besides the short learning curve, what touches us even more was Laiye UiBot’s services,” said CEO of RAAS PAL.

This cooperation is expected to deliver automation value to clients of all industries, with those in regulated industries such as finance, banking, manufacturing, human resource, healthcare and more. Furthermore, entrepreneurs see a lot of potential in automating the processes which bring innovative benefits to various aspects of enterprise business.