Infobip, a global cloud communication platform company for businesses and a leader in omnichannel customer engagement has partnered with AmBank Group, one of Malaysia’s premier financial solutions groups.

Infobip is part of AmBank’s newly launched BizM.A.T.E (Multi-partner, Actionable, Technologically Efficient Solutions) with 16 other partners, forming five categories including Accounting and HR Solutions, Payment and Marketing Solutions, Communications and Internet, Operations and Administrations and Logistics, and Work Space. The programme offers small-to-medium enterprise (SME) client tools to grow their business and improve productivity at a special, discounted price.

Infobip is helping AmBank achieve several of the programme’s objectives, especially the importance of digitising a business and the ever so important aspect of staying connected with customers and suppliers at any time. Infobip’s omnichannel solution now allows AmBank’s business clients to communicate with its customers over popular channels such as Email, Push, and SMS.

“Infobip is honored to be part of AmBank’s BizM.A.T.E programme helping companies to communicate with their customers using our messaging solutions. An omnichannel approach using multiple communications channels truly elevates a business customer experience and we couldn’t be more excited partnering with AmBank,” said CS Gil, Infobip’s Country Manager in Malaysia.