Unisys Corporation (Unisys) announced the general availability of Unisys Always-On Access (AOA), powered by Stealth its award-winning security software that provides unmatched protection to users working remotely from home or from alternative facilities.

Unisys AOA is very quick to deploy, enables remote work and continuous communications, and can be scaled to support secure access for users at organizations of any size.

Many businesses have relied on perimeter-based, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in order to provide remote access for a fraction of their workforce.

As people increasingly work from home, businesses are challenged by VPNs that do not easily scale and can create a bottleneck that limit remote working for a majority of employees. Additionally, a hacker that compromises a traditional VPN gateway may then be able to move laterally inside the private network, putting large swaths of company data at risk.

Unisys AOA quickly simplifies and improves network security even in hybrid or complex IT environments by dramatically reducing the traditional VPN attack surface and limiting access to only the applications needed, instead of access to the network.

Stealth delivers identity-based microsegmentation by creating cryptographic communities of interest that separate trusted systems, users and data from the untrusted. Stealth employs hyper-secure encrypted IPsec tunnels to protect data from end-to-end – wherever users are in the world via any connection.

Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Products and Platforms Unisys, Vishal Gupta said, there has been a massive shift in the workforce in recent weeks as people around the world are being asked to work from home, which can pose challenges to global operations and create unintended security risks.

“Employees today need secure remote access to vital data and applications to perform their work. Our Stealth security software delivers the speed, convenience, end-to-end secure access and scalability that businesses require to meet their customers’ and employees’ needs without missing a step,” he said in a statement.