In an effort to support highly-skilled professional women who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19, The Dream Collective is launching a free online workshop to re-skill and up-skill individuals for unexpected career transitions and also offer them potential job opportunities.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics data and United Nations report released in April, women bear the biggest job losses from Covid-19 and face greater job uncertainties into the future. Findings have also revealed that women place higher barriers on themselves during job application processes.

She Pivots ensures women are not left behind by equipping them with essential career transition skills in this program, which includes building resilience and a career pivot plan, identifying strengths, personal inventory and craft professional story, building professional network digitally and launching job search with action roadmap.

As part of the initiative, The Dream Collective will mobilise a network of Career Partners (CP), including Amazon Web Services, Inc., Canva, Datacom, and Google to provide job application opportunities for participants after completion of the She Pivots Program.

Participants of the program will be invited to view, access, and submit applications for suitable open roles at the conclusion of the program with the listed Career Partners.

Head of Business Services at Datacom, Libby Ewing-Jarvie says, “Datacom is delighted to be a partner of such a purposeful program with The Dream Collective. ShePivots offers practical tools to build confidence for those feeling the impacts of job displacement right now and provides a connection to opportunities and stories of resilience to support those who need a boost of energy.”