Grove HR, an emerging SaaS HR software company focusing on SMBs in APAC, just announced its free program to support companies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Small and medium businesses can now have free and unlimited access to the Grove HR platform. It allows them to digitize their Core HR, engage their employees, and reduce administration costs.

General Manager of Grove HR, Bao Nguyen said, the Covid-19 situation has accelerated the need to consider a digital transformation.

“HR is expected to play a leading role in managing this human crisis, but the transition will be hard for SMBs. We want to help them make that transition,” he said in a statement.

In times of crisis, a major challenge for SMBs will be to streamline and optimize HR administration processes that can effectively adapt to the rapid changing of the current situation. At the same time, businesses need to keep employees aligned and productive – especially when working remotely and make sure they’re in good shape, maintain good mental health, etc.

This dual challenge of HR digitalization and engagement is very difficult to tackle. Without the right tools and approach, business performance may decrease and employee morale may falter. In times like these, this threatens the survival of any company.