During the pandemic, Meet.Jobs is ready to help more global employers recruit their potential talents for more remote work in Taiwan, as it has become a trend today.

Meet.Jobs, a cross-border social job platform, has been helping many companies to remotely recruit their talents through ‘agile interview’ and been revealing a ‘big era of remote working’ of cooperation with Taiwanese talent settlements.

Reinhardt Lin, founder of Meet.Jobs, said that in addition to a relatively stable economic environment in Taiwan as the government is fighting Covid-19, this country’s IT talents have already been recognized by the international community.

Meet.Jobs regularly organize ‘agile interview’ and ‘speed interview’ for those enterprises who are eager to hire best talents more sufficiently, instead of going through the process with traditional human resource agencies, as they may not plan to spend much on headhunters, either.

With agile interview and speed interview, employers and candidates can go through a quick interview, which may be 10-15 minutes, remotely. Whoever passes the agile interview or speed interview will be qualified for the following recruiting process.

With this alternative solution, the recruiting process can be more efficient than the traditional process. Meet.Jobs has helped a client to hire nine senior IT engineers within two weeks, which was a record breaker.

RingCentral, the leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions, is expanding its R&D center in Asia and cooperating with Meet.Jobs agile interview to recruit Taiwan’s talents to fill in the vacancies, such as product designers, product managers, front-end developers, back-end developers and so on.