Warsian TC - Angel Tan

Warisan TC Holdings Berhad (WTCH) established the employee-first culture to bring the best out of employees to work and contribute to the best interest of the company. The employees are valued, inspired, encouraged, empowered and appreciated. In an interview with HR Hub, Angel Tan Li Yoon, HR Head of WTCH shares about the benefits of a people-focused workplace culture.

Incorporated in Malaysia on 26th March 1997, Warisan TC Holdings Berhad (WTCH) is part of the Tan Chong Group of companies. It was formed to facilitate the consolidation of the non-motor related business activities of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad. WTCH was listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 15th December 1999.

“Having a people-focused workplace culture has enabled us to attract talent, drive engagement, increase happiness and satisfaction, as well as improve performance. This will increase company productivity, efficiency and the ROI,” explains Angel Tan.

WTCH recognises that human capital is a crucial driver in ensuring the Group’s sustainability and performance. WTCH’s employees are continuously trained and equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to enable them to handle new challenges with confidence. In 2020, WTCH focused more on e-learning.

“The E-Learning Series are weekly educational materials provided by our Learning and Development team that are very important in cultivating a positive work environment. The E-Learning Series comes in categories that are sent out to our employees via email,” says Tan.

The Group understands the importance of talent data. “The HR department has developed and implemented HR systems, for instance, SuccessFactors, an SAP system, HR payroll system (Flex) and AIMS system in order to digitalise the company. Now the management can utilise the system or dashboard to know their staff’s strengths and the gaps needed to be filled, to understand the internal movement, compare attrition and tenure, and so forth,” says Tan.

Tan has realigned the company to respond to the dynamic changes in today’s business environment by creating better engagement among employees. In order to create better engagement, she believes that the company needs to be agile and work hand in hand with management to contribute to positive development and support continuous learning, training and career development. There is also a need to focus on talent data, and digitalisation of the company.

“We are committed to conducting six activities which cover community, workplace, marketplace/leadership and environment. Besides that, various training and activities are constantly being conducted by our youth societies to develop and upgrade the skills and knowledge of employees in order to equip, support and motivate fellow members of our Group. We aim to instil leadership qualities to help the young generation excel and train them to become part of the future Management Team of WTCH within three years of continuous service,” says Tan.